can i directly use or go to the bank sites with this webroot antivirus protection only in my compute

  • 15 February 2015
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can i directly use or go to the bank sites with this webroot antivirus protection only in my computer and no other virus protection like kasperskey or bitdefender anti virus protection 

2 replies

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Hello  and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
The Identity Shield protects all the details you share with an internet bank. It protects
information like login details, passwords, account numbers, credit card details and
personal information such as addresses, dates of birth etc. It also adds a second layer of
protection against highly targeted banking and information stealing Trojans to ensure your
identity and online activities are fully secure.
Webroot SecureAnywhere protects you in these ways:
• Identifies if a website you visit is the genuine site making sure it’s not a false
banking (phishing) site
• Ensures your login information is only entered into the website it’s intended
• Protects your personal information, even if there’s already unidentified
malicious software on your PC
• Automatically protects your web browser, cookies and saved website data
• Prevents browser attacks from keyloggers and screengrabbers that try to
peer into your banking activity
• Protects clipboard data from theft and stops URL grabbing attacks
• Blocks browser modification attempts and any suspicious access to browser
Managing protected applications
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Hi radhamani
Welcome to the Communit Forums.
Just to add to what Petrovic has posted...if I may...the key details of what WSA covers re. identity protection are in fact well listed in the application itself...please see below:

so yes, you are well covered on that score and infact in realtion to all activity where your personal data could be at risk.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick