Can I get a Webroot Password Manager for an obsolete machine?

  • 17 February 2016
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So, I have the license, but the machine is unsupported.
  What I am asking for is access to an archived Password Manager for my old machine.
The Machine is Windows 2000 pro SP4  (version: 5.00.2195)
  The Browser is Firefox 12.0  (it is the most current firefox I have been able to get loaded on the machine.)
I know I'm streching, but the more usefull Webroot is on my old stuff the more likely I am to keep the 5 seat license.
  SecureAnywhere works great on Windows 10 and since support got it installed Password Manager is working well in Firefox 45.0b5 on said Windows 10 machine.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi KDBambergr
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am afraid that as far as I know WSA has not been available under Windows 2000, and therefore that there is unlikely to be an archived version that will work with that level of Windows software.
You could always sepculatively try Opening a Support Ticket and asking the question of the Support Team...if anyone will be able to confirm this or indeed find you a copy of an archive (if it exists) it will be them.
Do come back here and let us know how you get on.
Regards, Baldrick