Change from Internet Security Plus Trial to Internet Security Complete

  • 25 October 2013
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Recently I downloaded a  trial version of WSA IS Plus, installed it and it is working fine. 
I have however still have two free device slots in my own WSA IS Complete, and having created a separate password profile, would now like to enroll the first computer (i.e: the one with the trial version) on my IS Complete package.
What is involved?  Do I first need a full uninstall of IS Plus?  If so would appreciate it if you could point me to the appropriate instructions.

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3 replies

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Hi Grump1e
Welcome to the BEST user community forum out there (I am biased, of course...but I hope that you will agree when you have been hear even just a little while ;)).
To do what you are looking to do you should just have to enter the IS Complete keycode you have in the version of WSA running on the first computer you mention as having the trial on it currently.  Once activated that should 'convert' the installation to give you the IS Complete functionality on that computer.
To do this (in case you do not know) click on the gear/cog to the right of 'My Account' on the main GUI, and enter the keycode concerned in the box provided, and then click 'Activate'.  That should be all that you need to do...but if not then just uninstall WSA on the computer concerned, reboot, reinstall and enter the IS Complete keycode when prompted.
HTH?  Post back here if this does not work for you.
All the best (and see you around).
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Hi Baldrick,
Thanks for the concise & helpful response. Very impressed!
The Keycode substituion worked first attempt.
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Hi Grump1e
No problem at all...that is what the Community is here for all and all for one, etc. :D
Glad to hear that you are sorted to your satisfaction.  And hope that you stick around as this is a great forum on which we all learn so much in such a great environment.
See you around. ;)