Cisco VPN there a Webroot setting that might be causing an issue?

  • 27 December 2014
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My client recently installed Cisco VPN with MyConnect on my laptop so I can work from home. However, I continue to get error messages "unable to connect with server. Check Inernet connection."  There's no problem with my internet connection, and I am wondering if there is a WebRoot setting that I need to check somewhere.
Any help is much appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi pferrell
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It is always possible that WSA is inadvertently blocking a component of the VPN Client.  Please review this KB Article that details the 3 key areas to check within WSA for any of the VPN software components being logged, what each area covers, what the settings means and how to adjust them.
I would start there and come back here should you have any points that you are not clear on or any further questions re. this topic.
Regards, Baldrick