Concerned about the firewall. Have been getting lots of e-mails from bogus bank sites

  • 26 March 2015
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Have been getting several requestes from bogus financial sites requesting bank details, or e-mail opening. Have been blocking senders and not opening the e-mails, but deleting immediately. Still concerns me that these are getting through to me since I've bought your security system. Co-incidence ?? 

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You're right emails aren't scanned by Webroot, but as soon as you try to run a malicious attachment WSA would block the execution and protect your PC. Also if you would click on a link in an email the URL will be scanned against the cloud database.
You have to keep in mind that WSA works a bit different than other antivirus solutions; instead of scanning everything all the time and wasting hardware resources, Webroot tries to intelligently protect you PC against threats.