continue to get subscription renew notification after I renewed

continue to get notifications to renew subscription even tho I did already a week ago.  I downgraded, eliminating Geek Squad 24/7 help. account shows active, next renewal date 5/29/2017

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Hi carls
If there was time left on your previous subscription and you did not renew but bought a new subscription (getting a new keycode in the process which is now activated) then it is most likely that as yet unexpired previous subscription generating the message or if expired but not yet (and will not be) renewed then the message is probably being generated by that old subscription during the 30 day grace period that one has to renew once the subscription has actually expired.
You could Open a Support Ticket to ask the Support Team to investigate and cancel the previous subscription if it is indeed that which is the cause.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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Simple solution would be to add “DELETE” option on keycode page. I have 2 previous codes I no longer use, but there is  no delete option, only a “RENEW”.  Delete option with “Are you sure?” would allow users to truly manage there own purchased keycodes, get rid of unnecessary nag screens, and releave anxiety over the state of their device protection.