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  • 20 August 2013
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Just bought Webroot Secureanywhere Internet Security Plus 5 device license and have tried to mail support about deleting a console and some other questions I had about the software, but haven`t received any answer.
So I thought there maybe was someone in here that could do it.
What I want is to delete a console I used for testing and add the the new keycode to the password managment future because the trial keycode there will expire and I am not able to do it myself.
Things like adding keycode to password managment, deleting users you have created, deleting a console etc. should be done by the user himself. You probably get a lot of email from users need help about this.
Also have a couple of questions.
1: My Mac (IMac OS X Mountain Lion) never showed up in the PC Security ?
2: I installed under testing the wrs on two mobile phones (Android-Galaxy s3) and one computer Windows 7.
3: I created a user in my console which had access to the mobile area.
The user I created didn´t see the mobile phones registered unless I used her own email adress when registered the phone. If I did that I couldn´t see it when I logged in as Admin even with the same keycodes used. In this scenario the user must have an account created by the Admin before installing the software on the phone.
So the Admin had to use the same email adress as his account when register the software on the mobiles to be able to see them even if the keycode was the same on all devices. The user of the one phone with access to the mobile area didnt have any mobile phone there because they was registered under a different email adress but same keycodes.
Maybe the Admin should be able to pick which phone the user should have access to from the Admin console when he creates a user who should have access to the mobile area. In a family situation this would be great, One place for everything and give users access to there own devices assigning them an account, password and devices they should have access to.
Also wondered where you could see how many licenses you have used out of the 5. It doesn´t say under mange keycodes. It is written 5 devices only. 

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Hello and welcome to the Webroot Community!

I do not believe you can delete the console. What usually is done is to add the new key code to your existing Console, and then file a Trouble Ticket for assistance in moving the existing Password Accounts to the new key code. Often a Community Mod will also see you need help and assist by private message.

At this time, Mac OS devices do not show up on the Console. I believe that will be changed in the future.

I will have to let someone else chime in on the other points and questions!
I think you can delete a console if you have two or more of them. I created a new console for my new keycode when I bought the software because the testconsoll I used for testing is a little messy with users etc. just for testing different scenarios.
So for a fresh start this can be removed, but in time someone from support will probably look in here.
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Please Send me a Private Message with the new keycode and I will associate it to your current trial account so that you can continue to use the Password Management functionality with the new subscription. In the private message, you can include the console name you wish to be removed and I will do that for you as well. :D

Thank you for your support, quick respond and solutions to resolve problems with your products.

Good support is often the reason people buy a product.
hi, recently had to reinstall windows on my pc (and reinstall webroot). the software recognizes the new installation as an additional console. how do i go about deleting the old console?
chris d
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I'll take care of it for you by deleting the oldest entry. :D
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It's been removed. Please let me know if you need anything else!
Hi Mike
I'm kind of a newbie, but I bought last year's Webroot PLUS.
I was tired of Norton.

I loved it, and so I bought this year's COMPLETE. You guys are AWESOME.
Unfortunately, I installed the new console alongside the console from last year.
Now my old one has expired and will not let me use the new one (for passwords online).
I don't know what to do to fix it, and I'm kind of stuck. Help!

I wrote you a message with my information. Whatever you can do would be great. Thank you!!
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Thanks for your patience, lighthousewhistle
Looking into this now!
THANK YOU!!!!! I REALLY appreciate it :)


Happy Thanksgiving!

>>Andy Gray<<
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I think I was able to resolve this even with the expired account! :D
Please try logging into your My Webroot Account with the same email address and password that you used to use for your old account (I attached the new keycode to it).
Happy Thanksgiving to you too and please let me know if it works!!
i want to delete the console
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Hello ret. Welcome to the Community. To delete your Console please open a support ticket and provide the Support team with your keycode and email address associated with the Console.
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Hi ret
Welcome to the Community Forums.
May I ask why it is you want to delete your console?  Are you sure that you do not just want to delete a console name?  Just curious.  And as Amit states it is something that on Support or the Mods can do as it needs to be done in the back office systems.
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@ wrote: May I ask why it is you want to delete your console?  Are you sure that you do not just want to delete a console name?  
Welcome to the Community Forums @  !!  Very good question @  It would be helpful if you could clarify what you want to do: a) Delete a console name? or b) Delete the entire console?
1 want to delete the console with expire key and replase them with the new one
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Hi ret
Thanks for the clarification.  OK, you need to Submit a Support Ticket to advise this is what you want to do and detailing old keycode, associated email address, new keycode, and the email address that you want to use with the new keycode.  If you want to use the current email address with the new keycode then just let them know that is what you want.
And also please let them know if you use the Password Manager as they will need to transfer the PM data from old to new Keycode, as it is the keycode that links you to the PM data.
Make sure that you do this quickly as one only has a 30 days grace period before the PM data on the old code will disappear.
Hope that helps?
Let us know how you get on.
PS.  If the new keycode is for the same version of WSA as your current keycode then you can also ask Support to add the days from the new keycode to the old keycode, so that you can continue using the old keycode going forward.
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Welcome ret to the WSA Community but I would like to tell you that Webroot Support can and will delete console if necessary. I would ask @ or @ to confirm this....are you guys out there?
edit:Yes @ I was posting and you beat me to it..  ;)
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EDIT: I see Baldrick got here first!  Well said my friend, well said! 
AH, I see.
I assume at this point you have already entered a new key code in the following manner:
Log into the Console
Click on your email address at the upper right corner
Choose Manage Key Codes from the drop down
Click Add Product Key Code
Enter the new Key Code
I assume you choose YES here to create a new Console
You will need to submit a Trouble Ticket to have that old Console deleted.  We users are not currently able to fulfill that function.  I would suggest you check the Users on your Account first: if there are any users attached to the Old key code you need to have them transferred to the New Key Code BEFORE deleting the old Console.  (Your main Console login is probably is attached to that old key code... delete that Console and it may prevent you from logging in and managing the new one,)
So, check the Old Console and note any User profiles that you need to save.
Request Support transfer those Users from the old key code and Console to the new key code and Console
Request Support delete the old Console following transfer of any User profiles.
How to do all this things more detail please
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Hi ret
You do not need to do anything other than Submit a Support Ticket that I suggested, and advise the Support Team of what you want to do (refer to my previous post for the details you need to include in the ticket).  YOu need SUpport to do this for you.
Let us know how you get on.
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 OK, you need to Submit a Support Ticket  click this link and follow the instructions ok ret?;)
Thx guys
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No problem, ret...let us know how this plays out for you.
Hi, my son's old laptop died, and i need to delete it from my subscriptions. My understanding is that I need to open a ticket with tech support to expedite?