did not protect me from getting cryptowall ransomeware

  • 8 November 2014
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my computer was infected with the "Decrypt_instruction" or Cryptowall Ransomeware, why was I not protected from this?
and now how do I get all my pictures back, anybody else have this virus?

9 replies

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Hello sbriar,
Welcome to the Community!
Would you please issue a Support Ticket and they will be able to help you free of charge.
The Support team is usually pretty fast and they can get this all sorted .
Can you let us know how things turn out so that we may help others?
Thank you,
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Hello sbriar, 
WSA does protect against crypto malware, however new versions are being released pretty much daily.  It can sometimes take just a short time before a new varient is recognized.
Please submit a Trouble Ticket to have Webroot Support help you with this.  I cannot promise anything, but they have been able to recover data in the past from such malware.
I tried a support ticket but it will not let me go past the password page.
I just created a account before posting this problem, I was sent a email to finalize the new account.
the problem is that this virus also will not let me access my outlook mail.
any ideas?
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Hello sbriar,
Please contact by Phone
Technical SupportMon-Fri 7am-6pmCall 1-866-612-4227
@ Would going into Safe mode with Networking help?
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Hi Again sbriar,
Can you access another computer and get your email that way?
It didn't protect one of our computers either... now all of our photos are gone as well.
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Hello rjjin, 
WSA does provide excellent protection against the Crypto malware, but keep in mind that new variants are constantly being released in an attempt to stay ahead of software like WSA.
In some situations where it has gotten past, Webroot Support has been able to help by way of the rollback, etc.  
How loing ago were you infected?  Did you submit a Trouble Ticket for assistance?  
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I can see the ticket that they have submitted, I am looking at it now. 
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Thanks Roy!