Downloading TurboYourPc

  • 28 August 2015
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When attempting to download the free version of TurboYourPc the Webroot software blocked the installation and removed the download because of a threat.  Is anyone familiar with problems using Turbo?  I am trying to increase the speed of my computer and saw an article on Yahoo this morning advocating the use of this product and there were several user endorsements.

1 reply

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Hello and welcome to the Webroot Community,
This is what I've found in researching TurboYourPC
Turbo Your PC or TurboYourPC virus is a nasty rogue infection that works as a double agent. On a hand, it pretends to be a powerful system optimization and antivirus software that would fix your computer, but on other hand (in reality) it brings viruses to your computer and steals your money. Actually the Turbo Your PC virus is associated with cyber crooks who create fake programs to trick users. Once this software has been installed, it alerts you of several viruses detected on your machine (even if there is no virus in your computer). After a while, the Turbo Your PC program will force you to buy the full/professional version of Turbo Your PC in order to remove the viruses from your computer.
So Webroot is only doing its job to protect you from malicious downloads!
Hope this helps?