Dropbox possible handle leak and Lenovo Photomaster with possible memory leak...

  • 17 December 2018
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From what I've read online, it doesn't seem like anyone puts much weight behind Webroot's system analyzer results, but then again, everyone was having issues with IE and Windows 8.1...neither of which are on my computer.  The reason I ask is because I've been having major network performance and connectivity issues and the extent of my tech knowledge is that if unplugging or resetting it doesn't work, you have a problem.  We do have 6-8 devices on this network at any given time, so I know we're to blame for some of the slowness, but we've had this setup for a year now and never noticed any lag for what we used the internet for.  We haven't added anything else to our network and taking off the things we weren't using didn't help anything.  It started several weeks ago where my computer would just suddenly slow way down like I had a ton of windows open and it would get progressively slower until the connection just dropped off completely.  It has become a sort of cyclic thing with my network connection where it' starts all slow and in the process of a few minutes, progresses until the internet is just gone.  It seriously happens every 5-10 minutes sometimes. 

AT&T came out last week and after fixing something with the cables outside, he came back in and confirmed that issue was resolved.  Since my network connectivity hasn't improved, I need to look at another cause for the issue.  
About the only thing I trust to run is Webroot and that's just because the Geek Squad guy told me to.  Beyond that, I couldn't find anything promising online telling me how to tell if my laptop is the issue behind the network problem and if so, how to fix it.  My instincts are horrible about how to improve computer performance or which promising app will do what I'm looking for.  I'd prefer not to have to reset my laptop right now because I have way too much work on it and backing it all up would take forever.  I just want to find out there's no infection or other issue anywhere on my laptop or if there is, how I can keep it from happening in the future.

I appreciate any help anyone can offer.  I'm sure I sound crazy, but ignorance isn't always bliss, and I definitely can't afford the cost of device repair.  I'm really worried about the Photomaster leak because it has like 1000 pictures of my daughter on there.  I have no idea if the pictures caused the leak, if the pictures are at risk of corruption, or if a memory leak isn't as bad as it sounds in computers as it is in medicine.

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