error code when registering on a reset phone

  • 7 April 2015
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I clean my phone often, factory resets and such and I have recently received a code reading that I have eceeeded the number if attempts or consoles? I did not know I could do such a thing with webroot.

I have read some of the forums and it seems that I can ask you guys to clear these old consoles, is that correct?

If so, I'd like to do that as soon as possible so I can use your product once again.

Thanks for the time..


1 reply

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Hello arichter35,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
From my research I have found this below from our Webroot help site.
"We believe we have resolved the error "Response Code 7 - Too Many Activations".  If you are still receiving this error, please contact technical support by clicking here.."
If you were to go to your online Account Console and there you can deactivate a PC or device. But your best bet is to contact support on this one.
Hope this helps and please let us know if you get this resolved. Ok? Thanks!
Kind Regards,