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  • 31 December 2017
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Greetings all and Happy New Year. Although I have renewed my Internet Security Plus for another year, I still get a pop up indicating my service is up soon and to renew it. Is there a way to delete this notice.. at least for another 365 days.
Much obliged to all at Webroot.

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A Peaceful & Prosperous New Year to you.
May I ask if you renewed via Webroot, i.e., no new keycode, or if you bought a new subscription, i.e., you received a new keycode?
Regards, Baldrick
Greetings Baldrick,  I purchased a new CD Rom directly from Webroot via Amazon. I sent the new key code to JP via a personal message and it was successfully installed. I did not want to mess up and lose the   " Password Manager " like I did once before so that's why I asked for his guidance in installing it. I now have like 385 days on my account but that annoying pop up still pops up each time I start up my computer.
May you and yours have a safe and sane 2018.
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Thanks for the update. Given what you said about the ne wsubscription's time being addedto your current subscription I am not really sure why WRSA is behaving as you have described.
For that reason I would recommend that you Open a Support Ticket to notify the Support Team, so that they can investigate this.
Have a great New Year.
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks Baldrick, will do.
Funny thing happened today. I got reply directly from Webroot on how to get rid of it. Without even getting a chance to follow the directions they gave me, it up and disappeared all by itself. What a  great way to start off the New Year.:D
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Good to hear, ROBERT1725...thanks for letting us know.
Regards, Baldrick