Having trouble logging into webroot toolbar

  • 23 January 2016
  • 2 replies

I'm having trouble logging into webroot toolbar.  I get  "Unknown email address"
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software with but it didnt help.

2 replies

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Hi ? and Welcome.
Perchance, did you save the email sent from Webroot confirming your order? I ask as I use multiple email adresses.
Look at your sign in name in the upper right corner of this page and click on your sign in name, then profile, scroll down and your email address should appear. If that doesn't work, please write back.
Thanks, Theresa
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Hi kaalel
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If I may just add to what Theresa has posted...please take a look at this post in a previous thread as I think that it may indicate the solution to your issue, given that you mentioned "...Might have a problem with prior/current accounts and passwords".
Do let us know if this does indeed help, and if not do also come back and we will see if we can provide some further assistance.
Regards, Baldrick