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  • 13 September 2018
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My question is, is Webroot Internet security plus good for a very expensive notebook or is Webroot more for business customers.
Can someone tell me how many users Webroot use?
Unfortunately I see webroot in some tests "last" and it is NOT recommended.
What do you think ???
Thank you

3 replies

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     I’m surprised nobody has responded on this topic.  You need to know that Webroot is different from the rest of the pack.  It relies on the cloud for updates and scanning. That means if you don't have a connection to the internet, Webroot can't keep you fully protected from new threats. But if you aren't connected to the internet, the chances of you coming across a new threat are pretty slim. This isn't 1993, no one's spreading viruses through floppy disks anymore.
     Webroot has a huge database of known programs against which it checks when it scans your PC. When it scans your local computer, it's asking the database "does this check out?" If the database flags something malicious, your local Webroot client prevents it from running. If something wholly unknown to Webroot finds its way onto your hard drive, Webroot sends information back to headquarters for analysis while tracking the app and limiting what it can do until it knows what it is. Once its rule-making and human investigation is complete and it can verify whether the app is legit or not, it sends an update to your local client that either allows the app to go ahead or rolls back all its actions. Nobody else can do that.
     For real world test results, go to PC Magazine who ran tests which involves examining several industry rankings as well as real-world tests. In their tests the cloud-based nature of Webroot meant some of the traditional tests weren't able to run, but when it came to finding and dealing with threats, Webroot performed extremely well. It scored a perfect 10 in malware blocking testing, stopping 100 percent of threats. Webroot's anti-phishing protections beat out gold-standard Norton by one point,. So good, in fact, that it was hard to even load ransomware before Webroot wiped it out and restored all the previously encrypted files.
     Because Webroot uses a different cloud based system that can do what the rest of the pack can’t it also can’t run some of the traditional tests, but in the real world it beats them all.
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THANK YOU it is a very good description and I have mitlerweile convince me of WEBROOT and I am very, very satisfied.
even now with the new version

Kaspersky and Bitdefender are no longer on the list, Webroot is wonderful, fast in the PC and inconspicuous in the use.
THANK my webroot friend.
Marc from Portugal
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I am happy you made the right choice.  You chose the best, I know you will be happy.