Help! Why is my website showing up as suspicious

  • 22 February 2017
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I just noticed that my Webroot extension is flagging my personal website as suspicious. I've seen on other threads that there is a form to submit to have the website reclassified, but I want to make sure there is not something I'm missing before I file the request. What are the reasons a website would be flagged suspicious and is there anything in particular I should look for to make sure it doesn't need additional attention before filing for the change? I ask because, while I know my website has a lot of links (it is a personal portfolio, so the main goal is to gather together in a single space a catalog of all my online publications), I have checked each of these links individually and found them to be, on their own, flagged as safe. So what else would I be missing from my end?

2 replies

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Greetings @ and welcome to the Community.

I completely understand your concern and this is a common question from personal website owners.

Our initial determinations work off of popularity. So basically a site will automatically show as potentially suspicious if it hasn't garnered a large enough audience for our Team to review it. Or as you said, they will review it and make a proper determination as soon as you submit the form.

If you provide the address of your site in question, I'll be sure to have our Classification Team review it right away.

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Just to add you can use this form as well: