How do i add webroot as an addin to outlook?

  • 9 August 2015
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HOw do i add webroot as an addin to outlook

4 replies

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Hi evanmaia
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Please try to explain somewhat more clearly as to what you are trying to achieve as I am not aware that one could add WSA as 'an addin' to Outlook?  If anything I would have thought it would be the other way around, i.e., Outlook is added under the protection of WSA.  But as I said, perhaps I am misunderstanding what yo are lookming for.
Regards, Baldrick
My outlook keeps getting shut down and when i talked to Microsoft Office 365 they said i needed Webroot in my addins cause it is being caused by viruses.  I dont see Webroot checking viruses in outlook.  Can I set Webroot to check email when it comes onto my computer through Outlook.
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Hi evanmaia
I am afraid that I think that 'Microsoft Office 365' have no idea as to what they are talking about as WSA does not check email or have an email checking component/feature per se...and as far as I know has never had.
What Webroot will do is check any links, that you may click on in an email, to see if they are safe or not and of course will check any attachments that you open or execute, as soon as you do, again to see if they are safe or not.
But it does not integrate with any email clients as far as I am aware.
If you are infected with malware then you should be getting some indication due to strange behaviour in your system so if you are seeing this then please let us have what details you can provide, as a starting point.
You should also, if you have not already done so run a scan of your system with WSA...and advise back what that comes up with.  If something is found and WSA can clean it then let it do so.  If it cannot automatically clean what it has found then it will ask you to contact Support so that they can assist in the clean up.
If however you have suspicions due to strange system behaviour but the scan comes up clean then you can also Open a Support Ticket, share your suspicions with the Support Team and ask them to check things out in detail for you. This service is free of charge to WSA users with an active/current subscription.
I hope that further clarifies things for you?  If not post back especially if you have further information relating to you 'issue'.
Regards, Baldrick
I ran a webroot scan and there are no threats.  So ill wait till it happens again and then contact you.  Thank you