How do I get rid of reloadit?

  • 16 February 2015
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I was on Firefox and got this popup that said it was from FBI for a list of illegalities.  I was able to shut the window down using Task Manager.  I used IE to do a search and it said this was some kind of randomware that wanted you to get a $300 Reload It card and send them money to unlock your computer.  The search said you had to make changes to your Registry to get rid or this or your computer might not boot correctly next time.  Can Webroot get rid of this for me?

3 replies

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Hi greglee611,
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You could try to remove it yourself but from what I have heard about this trojan I would recommend you Submit a Support Ticket to engage the assistance of the Webroot Support Team to assist in the removal.  Let the experts investigate and guide you through the removal.  BTW it is a free service if for those with a valid and current subscription.
Best Regards and let us know how it goes,
Thanks, I have done that as well as running another Webroot scan.  Scan came up clean.  I found some articles to get rid of it using competing software but I trust that Webroot will be able to handle it.  I'll post what the outcome is after I get done.
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Good deal,
You said you ran a scan, did you run a Deep Scan in Safe Mode?
1) Start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.  Safe Mode with Networking Steps
2) Open the WSA main screen by double clicking the WSA desktop icon or the icon in the icon tray
3) Click on the cog/gear icon on the right side of the PC Security tab.  Configuring a Custom Scan

4) Click the Scan & Shields tab.
5) Click the Custom Scan button at the bottom of the Scan column on the left side.
6) Use the default scan option for a Deep Scan. Click Start Scan.