I have internet Security Plus - 2 years.

  • 18 October 2015
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What about antivirus or spywere or something coming through a e-mail is what I have enough protection ?  The location is for a home not a Business  WEBROOT.

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Hello ?
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Yes you will have enough protection with Webroot. Emails aren't scanned by Webroot, but as soon as you try to run a malicious attachment WSA would block the execution and protect your PC. Also if you would click on a link in an email the URL will be scanned against the cloud database.
You have to keep in mind that WSA works a bit different than other antivirus solutions; instead of scanning everything all the time and wasting hardware resources, Webroot tries to intelligently protect your PC against threats.
Please read the potential Webroot has.: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Antivirus/Scanning-PC-suspiciously-fast/m-p/... also the Webroot WIN Cloud does all the work not your PC: http://www.brightcloud.com/platform/webroot-intelligence-network.php

Here is the PC User Guide This guide will help you out alot!