I have WRSA Internet Security Plus with 2 registered computers using the same keycode. But the phon

  • 27 December 2014
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I have WRSA Internet Security Plus with 2 registered computers that share the same keycode.  When I added my android phone, by following the instructions given on my administrator console, it gave the phone a new Keycode. The new Keycode shows up on my console under the mobile tab.  I downloaded the free version, which is what I thought I was supposed to do because my subscription covers 3 devices.  Did I do something wrong?  Thanks.

10 replies

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Hi TrptCrnt
A Yuletide Welcome to the Community Forums.
To check if you have downloaded and installed the appropriate version on your phone please refer to this KB article, which should clarify all the pertinent points re. that aspect of your question.
I am not sure re. the question on the new keycode assigned but it could be that this is correct as you are using a free version of the app, if I have understood correctly?  Perhaps our resident experts in this matter @ or@SSherjj might be able to help out here?
Question I have is if your WSA license is for 3 devices and you have only use 2 of these so far, why have the 3rd device as your phone?  Or you reserving that 3rd device for another PC?
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello there!
Look through the menu's of the software on the phone.  I belive there should be a Register function in which you would use the original key code.  This will also unlock the software for the full paid for features instead of being the plain free version.
Let me know if this helps!
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Cheer, David, for picking up the tag...much obliged.
Regards, Baldrick
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Anytime my friend!  I may be quiet today, a bit under the weather, but if I am lurking I will reply 🙂
Sorry I'm late responding. Thanks for all your help, all who contributed. However, when I tried to redeem my keycode from my phone app, it requires a.gift card and a "Google Wallet" account. ?? So I entered my name and Zip Code and it told me my code (from the WRSA Internet Security Plus) was invalid. I'm back to square one.
I'm using the third device option for my phone because I do not have a third computer.
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Hi TrptCrnt
No worries...but given what you say are you sure that you have checked as to whether you have downloaded and installed the appropriate version on your phone, as I originally asked, as what you are reporting sounds like you are tyring to use the wrong version:
Your Computer Has:
So Your Android Needs:

WSA-Internet Security Plus
Use the same key code as you use for your computer.  This will provide the functionality of Premier you received when purchasing WSA-Internet Security Plus.  When installing it, choose "I already have an account."***

See note below for how to activate Premier from within Free.
And optional
Free SecureWeb Browser

**How to activate Premier from within Free:
After finishing the setup process for the Free version, tap the Android Menu button from the main screen of the Webroot app.  Then tap Register.  Then tap Activate and enter your Premier or Internet Security Plus keycode.  Then tap OK.
PLease let us know if you have followed the above instructions...as yo ucan see they are wildly different to what you have posted.
Regards, Baldrick
Well, this is my first android phone (yes, I'm a tad old).  I'm using a low end Motorola and there is no Android Menu button.  Only a return, home and recent apps tabs at the bottom.  So, I simply went straight to the Webroot App on the home page.  But there is no place to "Register".  All it says is: ""Upgrade to the Premier Version" at the bottom.  When I tap on that, it says Webroot Secure Anywhere $4.99 Mobile - 1 Year.  Then it says, "Please tap "Continue" to add a payment method or redeem a code to complete your purchase."  When I tap, "Continue", it gives me two options: "Add credit or debit card"  or "Redeem".  When I tap redeem, it tells me to enter the code.  When I input the Keycode and tap "Redeem", it wants me to setup a "Wallet Account".  When I input my name and Zip code, it then says the code is invalid. End.
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Well, TrptCrnt
It seems that ou are seeing something different to what would be expected.  As I am not an Android phone user or have access to one I will have to defer once again to either @ or @ to help out here as they are or have both been Android users.
Hopefully one of them will be along shortly to help you out.
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks, Baldrick and all others: I think I've got it figured out now.  Finally found the Register button and downloaded the keycode and upgraded the account.  Currently undergoing a scan that has hung up on Scanning Google Contacts Sync and will not move further.  Fun, huh?
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Hello TrpCmt,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
Are you still having issues with Webroot scanning? I believe if you clear the cache and then restart your device. Webroot will start another scan 
Can you tell what the name of your device is so I can instruct you how to clear the cache on the device?
Try restarting your device and see ifirrst if Webroot will scan for you. If not then we need to claer the caches.
That's what I'm quessing will work. @ what do you think?
Please get back to us and let us know how you are doing. Ok?