I'm having a lot of trouble with backups and updates. Something is just not right! I wonder how cx

  • 7 January 2017
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I alredy have Internet Security Plus Any where. 

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I alredy have Internet Security Plus Any where. How can I make my Computer work properly?  Back up and up date?
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Hi Lorraine
Hope that you are well?
You seem to regularly post that you are having back & update issues, and despite advice this seems to persist, which has us flummoxed.
Perhaps the best appraoch is to start at the beginning and understand exactly what it is that you are trying to do. In other words (i) what backups & (ii) what updates are you referring to?
As you do not run the Complete version of WSA I am assuming that by backups you mean that you are using another applicaiton to try to back up your data? And as there are no known issues surrounding WSA updates I assume that you are referring to WIndows Updates?
If you could confirm or not the above then we may perhaps have some perspective as to the what you are trying to do and then we can move on to what exactly is happening, etc.
Regards, Baldrick