I've relpaced Password Manager

  • 13 February 2019
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with Keeper as I need a password manager that works Only problem is that the deciding factor on my buying webroot(which I've used for several years now), was that it had password management built in. Now I'll have to re-evaluate my choice of security software

3 replies

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Really? You actually bought WR because of the pw mgr? Wow! I bought it for malware prevention, detection and resolution. I bought it for its very light footprint and for its incredibly fast scans. I bought it for its unique method of dealing with zero-day infections. You're going to have a hard time replacing some of those qualities. Oh... and it didn't hurt that it is an American company given that I'm an American (your mileage may vary...lol).
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I really like all the qualities that you describe and they did all contribute to my decision(especially the very fast scans after using Kaspersky). Don't care what country the company is from. At the time I decided to use webroot, I don't think that any other company included a password manager so it was a determining factor. I've experienced very good support from webroot over the years(support from kaspersky was comparable) and it'd be a pain to change but a password manager is important to me and if I'm paying for one separately then that will influence my decision. I might still decide to use webroot, I might not 🙂
I believe, regarding Webroot's old Password Manager (which was based on on an older version of LastPass's Password Manager), that some considered the free version of LastPass's Password Manager to be better. But that is academic. We are all now awaiting the new Webroot Password Manager, to be based on a more modern version of LastPass, and which will hopefully be superior to the current free version of LastPass.

So I suggest you wait and see.

And btw I agree 150% with @Orthodoxguy's comment.