If I upgrade to Windows 10, will my current Webroot Secure Anywhere work with it?

  • 2 June 2015
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With an upgrade to Windows 10, will my Webroot transfer to the new OS?

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Edit* Now that Windows 10 is released, we are fully compatible!

Hello ?,
Welcome to Webroot Community!

Unfortunately Webroot is not currently supported on Windows 10.
We are currently working to make sure it will be completely compatible and will let everyone know when it is ready.
If there is anything else I can do to assist please do not hesitate to let me know!
Best Regards,
I'm a Windows Insider fast track tester, and Webroot seems to be working just fine with the current build of the Windows 10 preview. I'm using Webroot with Windows 10 on two different PCs (a desktop and a laptop).

The Webroot installer file must be renamed before running under Windows 10. So far that's the only issue I've seen. Hopefully this and any other issues about which I may be unaware will be resolved before the Windows 10 release next month.
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Hello @,
That is very good news!
Rest assured that we will be ready for the Windows 10 release!
Best Regards,
So, with 5 days left for release you still have no update?
I have been told it shouuld be uninstalled, by MS, but your community seems to lack info on if Webroot is ready.
Why don't you keep us up to date on % of possible success?
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We're ready with the 9.0 release:
thanks for the quick answer. Google is way behind in current threads.
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Sure thing - sorry the Google search didn't turn it up!