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  • 6 April 2016
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I am receiving a message from Windows 10 that both Defender and Webroot Secure Anywhere is turned off and not protecting my computer.  I checked my webroot account and it appears that I have things where they should be

1 reply

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Hi mghgolf
Welcome to the Community Forums.
This is a known issue that the Support Team are in the process of fixing. Please see this other thread for more information on the issue. It contains a 'fix' that has apparently worked for some users but not are welcome to try it in case you are one of the lucky ones.
There is a new beta out in testing at the moment so it is possible that will address this issue but until the beta group have been able to check we will have to keep fingers crossed.
BTW, this is an informational issue and your protection from WSA is not at all affected.
Regards, Baldrick