Is there a detailed history of activity?

  • 8 February 2013
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Hello everyone,
I have used Norton Internet Security (NIS) since 2009 and just recently switched to Webroot. I had used Webroot Anti-spyware many years ago and now that the issue with the saved passwords/account logon giving invalid email address seems to have been resolved, I wanted to try Secure Anywhere Plus.
I am used to seeing a detailed log history of all activities of the firewall, anti-malware etc... being constantly saved in NIS. I cannot find such a history in this product. There are some logs of scans and malware detections but no history which shows saved details for, for example, if a website or malicious attack on the internet was blocked.  I had a few very quick pop-up windows today while surfing the internet but they disappeared instantly and consequently, I could not read them. 
Is there a place where I can find such history of all activity, especially of blocked websites, anti-phishing blocks, malware detections which were blocked ... ?
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Byrna5,
There is a threat history log available in the web console under PC Security.  Click on any protected computer, and go to "Scan Information."

It has a list of detected malware on the Recent Malicious Files Detected tab as well.
Or there is also the Support log located in System Tools > Reports > Scan Log
A lot of the information in there is generally reserved for Support, but it also contains the log information you're looking for.
And if you want to get extra granular, there is also System Tools > Reports > Execution History (Advanced) for advanced users.
Welcome to the Community! 🙂
Hello Jim and thank-you for your quick reply.
Unfortunately, these histories and loges contain nothing on blocked or malicious websites. Is there nothing permanent which is saved for firewall activities where malicious websites are blocked, so that the user can be informed of the URL of these sites once they are blocked, and perhaps even add them to a special blocked list or create other firewall rules for them?
Sorry for these questions because Webroot works very differently than Symantec and I see some general firewall rule configurations. Perhaps webroot opted out of keeping detailed logs to improve performance?
Thanks again.
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The log in System Tools > Reports > Scan Log actually does contain blocked site information.  It may be the case you haven't encountered a blocked site yet perhaps.
Here is an example line:

I had to edit out the actual site because although Webroot protects you from malware hosts, we don't want to encourage users to visit them just to test the program.
If you CTRL+F the log file to search through it, use the term "Blocked website," you can easily locate the applicable lines.
Ah! Thanks again JimM! That clarified matters for me. I was sure that there were blocked sites already encountered so this is why I was confused. I am enjoying this program's enormous SPEED... for lack of a better word - enormously! 🙂 And it works wonderfully with the auto-fill of passwords, again with enormous speed compared to my NIS! I also installed it on my laptop now and after the trial period is up, I am like 99% certain that I will be buying it! The tests which I saw on PCmag which summarized testing from third-party AV test sites, showed that Webroot is excellent at blocking initial malware/intrusion attempts and it beats almost all the programs, including NIS. But cleaning/removal is a bit less, though none of the tested malware programs were really great with removal. Thanks again! Ciao! John
how can i find my history
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Hi and welcome to the Community ssdehn70
You will find your history via your Web Console which can be opened via the Webroot program on your PC.
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Hi ssdehn70
In addition to what Jasper has advised you can also find details of your history via the WSA app main panel.
Click on the gear/cog to the right of the Utilities tab:

and in the Reports tab (1) to reveal a further panel and on that click on the Reports button (2):

which reveals the following:

and you can then get more information on a line by highlighting it and clicking on the More Information button.
Hope that helps as well?
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how can i find my history
Welcome ssdehn70 to the Community Forum! Great to have you among us! Looks like you are getting help from Jasper and Baldrick!
Hope your question was answered and please come back if you need anything elese or just to look around and enjoy our fabulous group of WSA Volunteers ready and willing to assist!
Have a great weekend and hope to see you back!:D
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how can i find my history
Welcome to the community ssdehn70!
Please do come back and share your experiences.
Let us know how things are :D