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hi people, question, am running  wr security 2017. can i run kasperski anti virus 2017 along with it? thanks.

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Hi @,
You most certainly can. Webroot was designed to play nice with other vendor products. It's not to say that the other vendors won't play nice.

Curious to know why though you'd want to bog your system down using Kaspersky. Yes, it's decently effective, but it's very hard on resources.

I'd recommend just using Webroot and possibly something like Voodoo Shield or Zemana alongside it, if you are looking for a layered approach.
John H
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Thanks, will take your advice, thanks for the advice. cheers.
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I have run WSA with Kaspersky Internet Security for ages without any problems. My system never bogs down or runs slow. A fine combination I think.
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Thanks for the feedback, @!
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Why two av products in realtime? Its Total overkill if you ask me 😉 webroot is sufficiënt enough . Without all the Bells and wistles ( aka bloat ) that the russian vendor has. but good to now that webroot is friendly with everyone 😛
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I tend to agree with this (Starrchild's post). If needed, just use a on demand scanner like MBAM, or a online scanner for an occasional 2nd opinion, and let Webroot do its job unhindered.
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thans car54, have a great day. cheers, jorge
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thanks yarco. appreciae the feedback. cheers.
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thans for the feedback starrchild. cheers.
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What a kind and gracious member you are, jorge54, to thank and acknowledge those who posted replies :)
Thanks for starting this thread, as it was good to hear @ informative response as well as others here.
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thanks yarco for the advice