"Manage Passwords Online"

  • 1 February 2016
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Working within the "Manage Passwords Online" web page, I categorized my sites (Academia, Finance, Health, Shopping, etc.).  The next time I went to that web page, my categories had multiplied.  Example:  I started with one "Finance" containing 8 items.  Next time there were three "Finance" with 4, 3, and 1 item, respectively.  Why does this happen?

4 replies

Greetings, I found that to also be the case. What I ended up doing was enter the exact URL Address to save my Password.
Im still working my way through Webroot and it seems to be a good substitution to my past security software. The only thing I could squak about is that Webroots way to manage a password is a bit more complicated. The Trend Micro software would just ask if you wanted the password saved and you either clicked "yes" or "no".
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Hi moshe1222
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Given that  all of what you are describing happens in the back office systems I would Open a Support Ticket to advise the Support Team of the issue so that hopefully they can investigate/find the cause of the issue.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thanks Baldrick.
I had not know that. Very helpful information.
I had the same problem. I DID open a support ticket. I've been trying to get this issue resolved for a Long Long time and as of yet no solution.Was finally told the file was corrupted, export my data, create a new account, import data. Tried all that, still no resolution as when I try to import data, I get an error message. So then I'm told the issue is too complicated to solve via email and to call it (yet again).... and explain the entire problem from the get go to a rep who gives me the same instructions I've already attempted.