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Missing Identity Shield Padlock

  • 1 May 2012
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Missing Identity Shield Padlock
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I have Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials or Complete.  I normally have a padlock icon on my Webroot system tray icon if I am browsing the internet, but sometimes it isn't there when I'm browsing HTTPS sites.  Am I still protected?


This is usually a cosmetic issue.  Typically the shield itself is actually working fine but the icon is not showing up properly in the system tray.
If you would like to test the Identity shield, the testing program available at the following website can test whether or not the shield is working:

As long as it's working, you will see that on HTTPS sites your keystrokes are not logged and screen grabs do not show anything.
In the event it turns out to be more than a cosmetic issue in your case, you should open a support ticket here.

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8 replies

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My offer, which relates to the statements you made at the bottom of your one from last post (in Blue) still stands...if you feel it would help.
In terms of curiosity, take is that we are all curious but if we spent time chasing up on all the elements of what pique's our curiosity we would be raising questions all day, every day.  In my humble opinion, especailly when it comes to the likes of WSA and similar software, there are somethings that are important enough to warrant enquiry and others that are best accepted. I have read all the tests on WSA and from what I have read it is rock solid when it comes to the handling of browsers and the locking down of avenues where data could be leaked/attacks could be focussed...hence I take the way it works as a given.
But that is just me...perhaps the solution, to satisfy your curiousity is to ping ? to see if he can shed some light on this.
Regards, Baldrick
Hello Baldrick,
You're offering private dialog related to ..
I'm curious not in a critical sense why the padlock goes away when my protected browser is facing the web.
Or, I'll be better served by the Webroot Development team regarding padlock....?
Respectfully sumitted
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? here is not the place for this...happy to continue the off topic discussion privately as and when you want.
Hello Baldrick,
I appreciate your sage comments and experienced Silver VIP wisdom.  
My install is a week old.
I'm observing and learning. 
I did not criticize Webroot.
I did no criticize you. 
I did not even address my message to you.
This message I addressed to you. 
My message was addressed to the Community.
The Community has voices.  Voices with an s. 
My browser is protected by Identity Shield and Identity Shield is represented by padlock.
I'm curious not in a critical sense why the padlock goes away when my protected browser is facing the web.
I'm not trying to irk you.  I'm aware you hold Silver VIP badge. 
Jeez, give a guy a chance.   I'm trying my best.  I'm trying to participate.   I'm trying to further Community goals.   I'm trying to follow Guidelines.  I'm trying to learn how you want me to do things. 
I'm trying to please you.
I'm trying.......
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You are missing nothing...that is the way it works and it is by design. If the Webroot Development team have it working this way then I trust in them to know what they are doing and  why they are doing.  
Much more talented people than I have been involved in the design of WSA and if it does what it does the way it does it (and it has done ever since I can remember when, and that is a long time) then it is by design.
WSA has multiple layers of shielding and if something, i.e., an active threat (remember that WSA is only concerned with active files/apps as inactive one cannot be a threat) does gets through one level it will most likely get caught by one of the others,
So as I said initially, you are misiing nothing as far as I am aware.
Yes, I'm aware of "foreground" and I am at User Configuration.
Curious, why Minimize would not show padlock as if Minimize would not be at risk like Restore Down. 
Granted, Minimize is not foreground by my eyes.   Wouldn't Minimize still be "foreground" to Identity Shield.  Minimize is still facing the web.
Seems, any click that greys border removes padlock.  I click Task Bar padlock goes.  I click clock padlock goes.   Am I protected while viewing the time...?    My main view is still open browser facing the web.   Granted, while looking at the time.  Time is foreground.  But, backround is still web facing. 
I think a malware event can occur even when I click the W Icon.   
What am I missing...?   Thanks
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Hover over the Webroot Tray Icon and see what it says! It has to be the active window!

I'm curious why the padlock stops showing when I minimize browser window or simply click the W Icon.