Multiple tech support scam websites posing as WebRoot/Geek Squad

  • 21 June 2019
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Multiple tech support scam websites posing as WebRoot/Geek Squad


There are multiple fake websites that use the title portion of the HTML to show "" that was printed on the empty DVD boxes given out at Best Buy to try and trick new Best Buy/Webroot customers that would then use remote access software to access victims computers and charge for non-existent security products using a guest account on PayPal.

My friend's son was a victim of this fraud when he purchased a new laptop from Best Buy and was given a free subscription to WebRoot but the box did not contain an installation disk.

He must have entered "webroot safe" into the search field instead of the full URL as he is somewhat new to computers and was charged $250.00 to his debit card by scammers impersonating the Webroot/Geeksquad website.

I was able to get his money refunded at his bank and recovered the deleted logs from the remote access software the scammers had used.

I have made 4 separate trips to BestBuy talking to the store manager regarding this issue and was even given the email address to the person in charge of marketing at BestBuy but he does not respond to any of my emails whatsoever.

I tried flagging the website on Google's Safe Browsing to no avail and have only had limited success in getting these sites removed by contacting the individual registrars hosting the servers.

What active steps is webroot taking so that this does not happen to anyone else?

some examples:


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