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  • 23 December 2018
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I mistakenly purchased a 3-pc license package when I actually have 4 pc's to protect! I made my Webroot purchase on Amazon, so what might be my most cost effective option to get the extra license I need?

Additionally, why is it when I click on any of the support options within the Webroot program nothing happens? Thanks.

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4 replies

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Hi rain6460
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You could try putting your keycode into THIS (US) or THIS (UK) website and seeing what options there are to upgrading. But the best bet here is to contact Webroot Sales (UK = 1 800 804 7014 or US = 1-866-350-6089) to see if there is anything that they can do you re. this. 
In terms of the Support options, have you registered for your online web account? If not then please do so HERE.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you Baldrick,
I contacted Webroot with the number you provided and was told if I called back after activating my new license, they would upgrade it to a 5pc for an additional $10. Quite reasonable.
Also found out if you upgrade directly from Webroot, your new coverage period doesn't begin until AFTER your current license expires. Hence you don't lose any time you may have on your existing license. But if you purchased a package from an outside vendor like I did, then anything you buy after that will go into effect immediately upon activation. Good to know.  
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Hi rain6460
A Happy New Year to you.
Glad to see that this has started off well and that the Webroot Sales Team were able to assist you with your issue.
Thanks for the heads up on that and on the licensing period.
All the best, Baldrick
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Happy New Year to you as well Baldrick, and thanks for your help. Cheers! :)