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  • 11 October 2012
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Just purchased Webroot Secure Anywhere with Password Manager.  I am having a problem logging into my Secure Anywhere account via the IE or Firefox toolbar icon.  Keeps telling me that it does not recognise the email acount I used - even though it is the same account I used to set up the account.  Does not matter which browser I use.  Can anyone help?

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Hey Victor,
Welcome to the Webroot Community! I looked up your subscription and noticed that your "MyWebroot" account was attached to a free Webroot mobile keycode so I went ahead and associated it with your newly upgraded Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus keycode. Please try logging into the toolbar again and let me know if the issue is resolved!
*I also moved your post into the Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus forum as your issue relates to this particular Webroot product*
Many thanks, Yegor.  I closed my browser and re-opened it, clicked on the icon, put my email address and password into the login window, and no joy - it came back with the message at the top of the browser - "Unknown email address".  I only have one email address which is what I registered with - *Email removed by Moderator for security reasons*
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Hi Victor,
Sorry that didn't do the trick. At this point, what happens when you try to log into your "MyWebroot" account? Are you able to get in with no problems or are you getting an error message? Let me know and I'll continue to help you accordingly.
Hi Yegor
I have no problems getting into my Webroot account.  I see my PC there, and I see my mobile (cell) there.  However, when I click on the Passwords tab, I get the message, "Your Data/Password management account is not yet ready to use, please try back in the next few minutes. If you continue to see this message, please contact customer support."
Also, when I am in either IE or Firefox, and click on the Webroot icon, I get the message, "Unknown email address".
Hi Yegor
Should I pass this problem on to the Support Desk?
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Yegor won't be back until Monday morning so if you can't wait please contact the support inbox as they are on duty 24/7.
And Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
Many thanks, TH.
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Your very Welcome! ;)
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Hey victorw,
I was just wondering if the support system worked out for you?
If not, can you please Send me a Private Message with the email address you used to open your ticket so I can investigate further?
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I was able to locate the case in the support system, and it appears this issue was resolved with a password reset using the "Can't Login?" link on the console sign-in page. 🙂