not filling in passwords on firefox..

  • 17 October 2014
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2 things:
1. website logins are not filling in in Firefox.  
2.  I am concerned about what Webroot cleans.  Yesterday, I kept getting popups from McAfee stating that  I had
malware: Win32/caphaw.   I immediately ran Webroot, but it did not clean it.  McAfee wouldn't clean it because it is a trial.  I ended up downloading AVG 2015 and it seems to have taken care of it.  The only problem is, this is a trial version too.  Why didn't webrot take care of this?

1 reply

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Hi cyndiman
Welcome to the Community Forums.
To answer as best I can:
1. Are you referring to the Password Manager here?  And if so have you tried the PM with another browser for the same sites?  If not then please do as it may be the fact that you do not have the Auto Login option checked against the credentials concerned...but an example would be useful.
2. I suspect that it was not detected by WSA because either it was a false postive by the other applications that you have used or the threat is not active on your system...WSA works in a very different way to other AVs/ISs in that it does not consider malware to be dangerous unless it is active, i.e., attempting to do harm.
But if you have a concern about this then you can Submit a Support Ticket so that the Support Team can review this for you and if necessary remove the malware if it is really present.  This service is free of charge to you as a WSA user.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick