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  • 9 January 2016
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 Just a question as to why in my management tab for PC's it shows 3 PCs - all of which are my one laptop. They show scans being done on them a while ago, showing June '15 on one, August '15 on another, and then January '16 on the third. But I only have one laptop. I do have other devices loaded with this subscription, including cellphones and tablets. Am I safe in getting rid of 2 of those 'old' PC's? and if so, how please?

1 reply

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Hi Canuck79
Welcome to the Community Forums.
This question has come up before and whilst I do not have a definitive answer I believe that it can be caused by the uninstallation and then reinstallation to WSA on a device. I regulalrly do that in relation to the Community issues that I help out with and have noticed these 'multiple' registrations.
The simplest way I have found of deciding which of the 'duplicates' to remove is exactly as you have noticed, i.e., based on the last scan date & time, given that WSA is scheduled by default to carry out a daily scan of a system...therefore the registration witht he latest scan time is the 'current' or most up to date registration for the installation of WSA on the device in questiom.
As to how to remove the 'duplicates'...well that is simple. You log in to your online console, go to PC Security and click the icon for a 'duplicate', then on the pop up window that will appear you click on 'Commands', and from the options avaialbel under that option you then click on 'Deactivate'...et voila.
Do the same for each 'duplicate' and that should clean up your registrations.  For more information related to this please see here the KB Articles HERE (to deactivate) & HERE (to reactivate) a PC.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick