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  • 9 February 2014
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Im wondering why webroot products (internet security plus) doesnt pick up these hi-jacker files in there malware scan. I removed them from 5 computers of mine, win xp to win 7, after searching for a week to find out what was wrong with them. They were crippling. Webroot did not detect them. And since i removed them I have detected more of them on my gaming computer and webroot didnt detect them either. These things are nasty.  why are they being ignored. I have been running webroot on my computers for a month and 1 of them was freshly installed with win 7 before i installed webroot and the files still came in.  I dont know what im doing wrong. I am not ignoring warnings either and am logged in before going to the net.

8 replies

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I assume that by PUP you mean Potentially Unwanted Programs.  (Here on the Community we usually use the term PUA: Potentially Unwanted Application, but it means the same thing 🙂  )
Webroot does detect and remove some of these, and more are being added all the time, but mostly the ones that just plain cannot be removed by normal means and/or those that enter the computer with no warning at all.  A lot of this 'crapware' actually piggybacks in with downloads that you want, like Adobe Reader, and can be opted out of prior to installation.  
Please see this KB Article regarding removing these, and you can also contact Webroot Support for further assistance as well.
Thank you for your reply. My gaming computer has nothing installed but like 4 or 5 video games. not even email. Im still getting them in. I hope eventually webroot will detect all of these. 
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Contacting Support will help get those particular PUA's noticed........
lol  thanks
I have a large list like 130 of them but i must consider the ethics of doing such a thing. I would like to but it might not be fair to others. Im not sure what to do other than a second purchase.
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My guess is that it is not 130 different 'programs' or individual PUA's but 130 files related to a far far lower number of PUA's.  I would suggest letting Webroot Support take a look over it and go from there.
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I am taking a guess since you used PUP that you used Malwarebytes? If its malwarebytes it shows ever component of a PUP, so if its one toolbar it could be 50 items (registry entries,files, etc). 
Yeah Im sure there are many componeants to many fewer programs. Im still making the list. I have to get one from out of town and could take a while.