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  • 29 January 2016
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Greetings, my past security ( Trend Micro ) had an option for a quick scan or a full system scan. Just installed Webroot and the initial scan scanned 50,000 something files. The full system scan on Trend Micro scanned something like 300,000 files.
Is there an option for me to do a full scan or a quick scan with Webroot?
Also the Trend had an area where you could check for recent updates. Where can I find this feature on Webroot.?
Much obliged for your assistance.

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Hello ?
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Please have a look at the PC User Guide.
To check for updates just right click on Webroot in the system tray and you will see check for updates.
Also have a look here
Edited: Here is a good post by TripleHelix which is most recent.
Hope this helps?
Thanks for the quick reply Sherry. As far as the full scan, am I to understand that it is automatically done once a day when I first log on and any scans I initiate myself during the day is just a quick scan?

Sorry for the New-B questions I'm just getting familiar with Webroot.
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Hi ROBERT1725,
No problem we are always willing to help and answer questions the best way we can. We all were newbies once.;)
Here is how my Webroot is set-up. Webroot will scan once a day or how you have it setup. If you initiate a scan Webroot will do a Full Scan which only takes minutes. And yes if you check the box below to Perform a Scheduled Quick scan instead of a Full scan this can also be done. And yes Webroot will scan Automatically! You won't even know it's running really.

Does this answer your question? Sometimes I do miss the point. LOLs.
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Welcome to the Community Forums.
If I may just add here...there is no such thing as a quick scan, as one finds in more traditional AV/IS products, because...the WSA Full scan is so quick that it is most often much faster in execution than the Quick scan on those other products.
I would therefore humbly suggest that you forget about quick scan and just run a manual scan (which will be Full) and be amazed at how quickly WSA does the job. ;)
Regards, Baldrick
Thank you once again for your help Sherry. Yes, Im impressed with he quickness of the scan.
Going back to the question I had about a scan, the Trend micro scanned something like 300,000 files during a full system scan and the Webroot Scan scans about 50,000 files.

Am I missing something in deciphering your advice. I do have my Webroot set up the way yours is...just wondering about the total number of files being scanned.

Again, much obliged for your help.
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Hello ,ROBERT1725,
Well maybe this KB Article by ? can explain how Webroot works? May I ask if you read this post?
Holy Smokes Sherry !!!! That explained the scan exactly in my kind of language. Simple ...down to Earth and right to the point. Thanks very much for that lead. I'm understanding the comparison between the two different security software.
Im impressed, Webroot scans run faster than gossip travels through a Beauty Salon.

Much obliged and the very best 2U,
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Why of course you are most welcome.
If you are interested in learning more about Webroot please have a peek at thisThread by TripleHelix. (7th message)
Also have a look here about this great infoirmation about Webroot as well.,..which is pretty cool too..
Have a great day!
And an extra thank you to you too Baldrick. I like the way you folks explain things in a basic and down to Earth manner.
Im pleased with my Webroot protection and feel comfortable asking basic question to those more experienced than I.
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Can I use Webroot to scan a USB drive?

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Hello @Henry Computer and Welcome to the Webroot Community!


Yes you can by Right Clicking on the USB Drive and then Click Scan with Webroot from the Context Menu.