Removing listed PC's from the "PC Security" field removes Webroot from those computers!

  • 3 August 2012
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I decided to remove the listed PC's reporting to "My Webroot" in the "PC Security" panel but I had no idea this was not simply removing them from the on-line list, it was in fact telling each PC to uninstall Webroot from their systems. This was a huge shock to me because no where on the "My Webroot" site does it say it will uninstall from the actually computers. I was under the impression you were only removing those systems from reporting to the My Webroot service.
Please make this clearer in the future because Webroot has now been uninstalled from all 3 of my PC's and I can't simply walk over and install it again. I will need to travel now simply because the description was not accurate.
Why does instructing My Webroot on-line not to listen for updates from your software on PC's make it uninstall? I don't want to uninstall Webroot from the PC's I just wanted to not have them listed in the My Webroot "Pc Security" window.
This is now a pretty big inconvenience..

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When I go to my account on each computer on the "Advanced Options" it states:
Deactivate this computer
Deactivating a computer will stop it from being shown under the default PC list. This should be used to hide old machines which are no longer used, or where the Webroot software has since been uninstalled.
The button to deactivate states : "Deactivate Computer"
Maybe they need to put a WARNING stating that this computer will no longer be protected by Webroot if Deactivated.
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Hey garlic and ProTruckDriver,
I have also tested this and I agree that there should be an explicit warning that it will physically uninstall SecureAnywhere from the PC you choose to deactive. If you submit an Ideas Exchange I would be happy to give it Kudos so it receives more priority. :D
Also, when you click Deactivate Computer within the Advanced Options, it does have another warning that says:
"Are you sure you wish to deactivate this computer? Please note this is a permanent action which cannot be reversed, and this endpoint will no longer be able to report into the Webroot SecureAnywhere console."
It should also say "and this endpoint will no longer be protected by SecureAnywhere."
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Thanks Mike, it's on the list: :D
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@ wrote:
 "Are you sure you wish to deactivate this computer? Please note this is a permanent action which cannot be reversed, and this endpoint will no longer be able to report into the Webroot SecureAnywhere console."
If a computer is deactivated from your account, can the same computer be reactivated using the same keycode?
I noticed that the wording "Please note this is a permanent action which cannot be reversed" sounds like you can't reactivate the computer using the same keycode.
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Great question.
You will be able to reactivate SecureAnywhere on the same computer with the same keycode, however, you will need to contact support if you wish for the PC to show up in your My Webroot Account and console.
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looks like it will be taken care of. Thanks everyone 🙂
What if I no longer have access to the PC on my list?  In my case some are not working and others are just not my responsibility; how do I get them off my list?
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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Please look here
 If you aren't able to do this then conatct support and they can advise you
Please submit a Support Ticket free of charge with an active subscription.
Kind Regards,
I am new to the community and have not had a reason to use it until recently.
I noticed the webroot icon was no longer available in the system tray.  After reading some post stating to uninstall and reinstall, it was not successful so I suspected the reinstall process would not work since I reached the maximum number of PC's on my license.  After removing/deactivating one of the PC's, I was able to re-install it; however, I overlooked one of the post stating not to import previous settings. After the install, I still don't see the PC under "PC Security" and unable to re-install.  It seems that I would have to call support to show the PC in question in the console.
Is this caused by the recent update?
Thanks in advance,