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  • 7 March 2015
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My computer has an active McAfee Internet Security running on it. Should I uninstall it?

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The short and simple answer to your question is...If you want too'...if you have WSA installed as well whilst both will play well with each other (because WSA is designed from the ground up to be compliant & compatible with other main security apps) you only really need one of them and to be honest I would go with WSA and just uninstall McAfee.
WSA will provide you with all the protection you need, is light on system resources, is silent in terms of product updates (they are pushed to the user), and all the detection work is done in the Cloud so no need to download signature updates, etc.  Please see below to understand how it all works.

Also you can use McAfee's own Uninstaller Tool! From here:
McAfee  Download and Instructions

  •  This covers a variety of products
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