Reputation toolbar : how does it works ?

  • 12 January 2013
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I use WSA and have installed the Reputation Toolbar in Firefox.
When working on my professional blog/website on , it ranks it as "suspicious (50)"  :-(  even though there are only images and text, and the whole is hosted by Wordpress.
How this rating changes ? It's my business website and well, it's a bit embarassing ...
How works the Reputation toolbar ?

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The Webroot Reputation Index (WRI) is a score from 1 (high risk) to 100 (trustworthy). The WRI is calculated from metrics that include infection history, age of establishment, site popularity, and site content.
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How often does the information get updated?
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There is information and data gathered daily but there are many factors that go into the WRI (Webroot Reputation Index).
You can contact Brightcloud tech support for specifics on the data analysis.
Tech Support(858) 652-4803
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That means that if you've got a recent (in that case a bit more than one year), clean site, and as new site it can beat 100'000 clicks/months (and it won't if it stays suspicious)...  it's stuck on the "suspicious" rating for months or years ???
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You can request a reputation change by clicking on the link in my original response. :D
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