Sandboxie, WSA and explorer high usage. Oh my!

  • 30 May 2014
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Hi all
Not sure if this is related to the explorer ram usage.  I'm running win  8.1 64 bit.  I had the same explorer issue a few months ago.  I had at one point uninstalled WSA to try some new software.   After a week I reinstalled WSA and my normal configuration.  I almost always have WSA paired with sandboxie and the weekly product du jour.  This week I believe that I had CFW installed.  I happened to check out task manager one day.  (yeah I'm a geek)  I noticed that explorer was using 290K.  Ok that's fine.  I then look down at the next process and its sandboxie service.  Its chugging away at 280K and then sandboxie control is at 285K.  Now mind you nothing is running sandboxed either.  It's idle and running that high.  I then look at WSA control process and realize that it's monitoring both of these process.  Not sure why but they are.  I change it allow and half expect the problem to be fixed.  Well it's not.  I reboot just to make sure.  It is allowed in WSA and it's still running high.  
ANyone else having these issues?  Why does WSA keep changing sandboxie process to monitor?  It wasn't the first time it happened either.  

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3 days and no response or views. Great support.
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Please accept our deepest apologies!  The Community is staffed only by volunteers on the weekends, and try as we do sometimes a post slips past.  That appears to have happened here.  I personally apologize for having missed this the last couple of days.
While the Community may be volunteer on the weekends, there will be Webroot employed Mods and Support types around today and every weekday.  Also please note that the Trouble Ticket system (link below) is staffed by Support 24/7.
Now on to the answer, or at least what little I can give.  I am not a user of Sandboxie, so I am not sure, but the fact you are using a 64 bit version of Windows makes me think you may be affected with the occasional bug regarding that: Sanboxie may well have nothing to do with it.  
I would suggest you use the link below to file a TroubleTicket.  Regardless of whether Sandboxie is involved or if it is a case of the known bug, Support can use as much information as they can get to get things fixed.
Hopefully another member here who does use Sandboxie will be able to contribute more than I can....I am admittedly not an expert in this area.
Again apolpgies for the lack of reply over the weekend!
Thanks for the answer. I'll open a ticket and see what they can find out. I was hoping that someone that uses sandboxie and WSA would have some insight for me. I'm afraid that WSA is running explorer high but this seems to be an on going problem. Thanks again.
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You are welcome!  Please, if it turns out Sandboxie IS involved, feel free to unmark my reply as a solution.  As I said, I simply don't know Sandboxie and so I am not at all sure of my reply.  Hopefully a Sandboxie user will also drop by and comment :-)