Screen intermittently goes blank and comes back on since installing

  • 18 October 2012
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I was wondering if anyone could offer a solution to this because I quite like the software otherwise. Since switching to Webroot ISP yesterday, I've started to experience a strange problem with the screen going blank (completely black i.e. monitor off) and then coming back on. It only lasts for about a second and does not affect any other processes while it is happening. Once today it went blank without coming back on again and the monitor went into standby mode which would suggest it is cutting the signal to it completely.
It only seems to happen when the program is actively doing something, for example when I open up a new web page. It will also black out the screen without fail just after starting up as the pop-up box at the bottom right is fading.
I am running Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for the detailed post Alcaline.
For an issue such as this I would love to take a look at the logs from SecureAnywhere and investigate through the support system. I have opened a support ticket for you and you can access it from the link below. Please use the email you signed up for the Community with to login and to access the password that has been sent to you.
Your Support Ticket
I sent the instructions on how to gather the necessary logs, please let me know when they have been submitted! :D
Thanks for the response. I've done as you have asked but I've had to uninstall it in the mean time because it has started to cause my system to crash. One thing that's interesting is that disabling the program ceases all the problems, but I've uninstalled it completely just to be safe. Let's hope we can find a solution!
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I have updated the support ticket with this information and I would like you to try a fresh installation of SecureAnywhere to see if the issue persists.
SecureAnywhere Downloader
I am also only able to find a trial of SecureAnywhere on your account which is under a separate email. If you have any other keycodes, please Send me a Private Message with other keycodes or email addresses.
That's correct, I am running a trial before I decide to pay for a subscription. I seem to mix up my 'business' and 'private' emails a lot because I forget which one I used. Sorry for the confusion! I'll try reinstalling this evening and I'll let you know how it goes.
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It is no problem at all!
I apologize for this issue and I look forward to hearing the results from a fresh installation. :D
We have escalated your support ticket to our threat engineers to investigate further. Please respond within the support ticket once you have reinstalled SecureAnywhere.
I too get frequent blank screens when browsing, with IE, and occasionally have to force a power-down and reboot my PC to get the display working again.
This thread is tagged “Solved! Go to Solution.”; however, it’s not clear from the thread that a reinstall resolves the problem.
My set up:
Asus A8J (notebook), 32 bit, with XP Pro Service Pack 3
Please let me know how to resolve this issue.
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Welcome to the Forums Aaronmac!
I am not sure either, it is not quite clear.  If you have not tried to re-install, that is always a good first step.  If you have tried that already without success, you might want to Submit a Trouble Ticket
Thank you for the prompt reply!
Please let me know if I should first uninstall Webroot and reinstall or if I should just reinstall.
I should add too that frequently my system will become unresponsive to mouse and keyboard inputs, the screen will go blank, come back, and then my system is responsive again.  This behavior did not happen before I installed Webroot.
Thank you.
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The original poster was having Nvidia graphics crashes and we suspected a problem with the drivers. The customer never updated his/her ticket with the results of updating their graphics drivers.
If the problem occurs only when using IE, I do not suspect a graphics issue. I think Resetting Internet Explorer and seeing if the issue persists would be a good step to take next.
If this does not resolve the issue, it would be best to Open a Support Ticket as David has suggested so that we can collect logs and investigate further. 
I reset IE and the problem persists.  I have selected the “Open a Support Ticket” link.
Best regards
Just for clarity: Unfortunately it was never resolved despite the best efforts of the webroot support team (who were very helpful!). In the end, I renewed my subscription with another service because we seemed to be running out of ideas. It may still be surmountable though, so I'd be very interested to see if you find a solution.
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Alcaline, the last suggestion provided was to update your graphics card drivers, which was a good suggestion based on the information available. Did you ever do that? The symptoms are consistent with a video card issue. Sometimes this is a simple matter of whitelisting a video card driver. Other times the drivers in use are just out of date.

UAC will also cause the screen to flash on an off for about a half-second sometimes. These occurrences are not always followed by a prompt from Windows to allow or block something are they?
Oh, I'm not saying its wasn't a good suggestion, and yes I tried that but my grapics card drivers were already up to date. I'll probably try again next year when my subscription runs out again. 😉
Got the log-gathering utility information and link.  I cleared the log to-date because I want to be certain of my computer’s behavior, and create a log, with just me operating it.  I’ll collect log info this week and send Friday.
I used my computer, this last week, 1/3 the time I usually do; however, I haven’t had the lock-up/black screen yet.  I’ll see how the next week goes and post the result.
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Thanks for the update! If this was a case of needing to whitelist a graphics card driver, there's a good chance that whitelisting already happened since the same driver would be in use on a lot of other computers as well, thus giving us more visibility into how we should be treating it. Please let us know if the issue returns. 🙂
I still haven’t had the lock-up/black screen.  Whatever change was made to the program appears to have address the problem.  Thank you!
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I will mark your response as a solution, just let us know if the issue comes back or if you would like to re-open the thread. 😃