Secure Financial Websites

  • 7 October 2018
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Hello All,
New member/user here. I just purchased and installed the Webroot Internet Security Plus Software on my laptop today. I had been previously using Kaspersky Protection Software. One thing I liked about the Kaspersky program was that they had what was called 'Safe Money' This was used as an extra layer of protection for any type of web site that used banking, shopping, ebay, paypal and others. I am curious to know if something like that exist within the Webroot Software or do I need to do something additional? I don't want to start checking my bank accounts or using any of my credit cards online until I know I am safe and secure.

2 replies

Hello catman2018,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
In all three versions of Webroot SecureAnywhere, there exists a handy feature called “The Identity Shield” that will protect you from keyloggers, phishing sites, man-in-the-browser attacks, and many other forms of identity theft. There is a Phishing Shield to protect you from malicious websites and Application Protection that allows you to specicfy specific applications for monitoring.
You can find a lot more info in this KB Article.
Hope this info helps. Don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions. There are many friendly members here who are more than happy to help. 😉
Good question catman2018, The Identity Shield is just one reason Ive stuck with Webroot for as many years as I have. The article that BD has referenced is a good one.