Slow trackpad ?

  • 13 May 2018
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I am new to WRSA and experiencing some uncomfortable behavior : my trackpad gestures (two fingers) got very slow. When I disable WRSA's protection, the trackpad returns back to its normal state.
My computer runs Win 10 Pro 64 bits, an AMD A9-9420, 16 GB RAM (4 GB dedicated to the GPU).
I have search the KB and didn't found something about. Do you have any idea about ? Many thanks 

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Hi svanneste
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Have not heard of this as an issue in a very goodly while.
If I recall correctly; at the time the advice was that updating your HID (keyboard and/or touchpad) drivers would resolve this issue.
The guidance was to your laptop manufacturer's website and download the most recent keyboard and touchpad drivers with WRSA uninstalled and then reinstall it after the drivers are updated and the system has been restarted once (and do not forget to reinstall WRSA afterwards also)..
I should point out that there is a school of thought that says that it's best to do this from the manufacturer's website specifically, as Windows Update unfortunately, on occasion, tends to get this wrong and advise that one has the most recent driver when that is not in fact the case.
However, either if that does not work or you do not feel comfortable with updating drivers please Open a Support Ticket so that the SUpport Team can investigate the issue for you and hopefully resolve it.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick