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  • 17 October 2018
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I just got a Webroot code from my friend. He said that, the code was from his office.
And I just install and enter the code, its really active for Internet Security Plus. 
But I just realized..the subcription has no expired date, its just said, Active. And so with panel in "my Account"...


Does anyone knows how to check my subscription end. it really Active forever ? :)
When I ask my friend, he just dont know either...
Im just curious...its a legal code but no expire date..
Thanks for any comment..

4 replies

Hi Roni,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
What you're describing can happen if you have "Hide keycode on screen" checked in settings. To look and see if it's checked, open WSA and click on Advanced Settings in the upper-right.

Then choose "Access Control" from choices on left. Then be sure "Hide keycode on screen" is unchecked. Be sure to hit "Save".

If that doesn't help, then your console might be managed by a third-party and settings will need to be changed by them.
Hope this info helps,
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I have been on this screen, and the "Hide the keycode on screen" is unchecked. But my subscription still only reads, "Active."
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Found it! You have to log onto the "Access Web Console", then select the TOTALLY NONINTUITIVE TAB "Keycodes", then the days remaining will be presented.
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You don't need to log in to the web Console to find days remaining you can find it in Webroot Status as shown below:-