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  • 15 August 2017
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I keep getting a pop-up window that says "ThreatDetected". My Webroot, for PC,Mac,Mobile / 3 devices says it has protected me from the threat but I am unable to close the pop-up window. HELP -very annoying.

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5 replies

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Hi Bennythepen
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Please accept my apologies for moving your post & renaming it for you. You had posted in an inappropriate area where it was not likely to get the right focus, as it had nothing to do with the 'Getting Started Guide' thread.
Hopefully here it will 'proposer'. :D
In terms of your you have any additional information in terms of the message you are getting? Where is the pop-up showing up? This does not sound like a WRSA-related pop-up as that normally appears in the bottom right hand corner with a large 'OK' button which when clicked certainly closes the notification.
Also, is this pop-up occurring when you have a web browser open or does it just manifest itself randomly?
Apologies for all of the questions but hopefully they will help situate the source of the issue.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thanks for the help. I finnally got rid of the pop-up which always came dead center in the screen and I would click on OK and even tried the close button but it would come back within 5 seconds. The threat ( which Webroot said it removed ) was a MacKeeper file. I have since uninstalled MacKeeper and deleted all files related to Mackeeper. 
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Hi Bennythepen
Glad to hear that you are sorted/straightened out on this. :D
Regards, Baldrick

I’m having the same issue? Just bought a new iMac a month ago. Every time you start your pc it does a scan in the background right? Well it says I have a Trojan so I follow the directions but this ‘’threat detected’’ pop up keeps showing up even after I click on ok.

‘what. Can I do?

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@Just-mesn  ,

In the future please create a new thread rather than resurrecting a 3-year old thread. For your issue, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team for assistance. Thanks!