• 23 June 2020
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It’s taking awhile to get the latest release. Is there a link to manually update?

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Same for me. Brought this up previously. When an update is released it is never updated to download directly

from the webroot website for at least 7 days. Also requested to join the beta group a few months ago with no response. The website download still is V9.0.28.48

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Hello @jreddoch  & @stevecosta your right the download is still at v9.0.28.48 and I wonder why? @PVaddi  @BradW  @khumphrey  maybe can tell us something?



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Submitted a support ticket and was asked to uninstall and reinstall.

Did this and still on the old version. The download link provided downloaded V9.0.28.48

and not the latest version V9.0.28.153. I have informed support and been advised to give them a call. 

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Telephoned support today and they connected remotely.

Been advised the update is on a gradual rollup and can take about 2 weeks from release date to be delivered.

Have been told it should automatically update in the next few days.


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Thank you for contacting Webroot Support.

Your computer is currently on the correct version of Webroot SecureAnywhere. The version you are referring to and trying to update to, is a version that has been released for Best Buy subscriptions of the software since those versions use a different installer than yours and off the shelf versions use.

Rest assured however, your Webroot is fully updated and still protecting your system as normal.

Thank you,

Webroot Support