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  • 4 November 2017
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Greetings Forum...should I temporarily shut down Webroot when Windows decides to do an update? Reason I ask is because when they do an update ( the big ones ) it literally takes hours and hours for it to download and install. The recent " feature update " took over 9 hours to complete.
My Internet provider is ATT and I have the ATT 768Kbps version... ( that's their BASIC ) Just did a speed test and here are the results. 0.77Mbps download speed... and 0.34Mbps upload speed.The Latency is 35ms.
Will turning off the Webroot for these  bigly type updates help with the installation speed or am I going to just live with the slowness. I realize that there are different speeds available but being on a tight budget I'm unable to opt in for them. Currently pay $ 42.00 a Month for the "basic ATT plan.
Much obliged for any replies and wishing everyone the best .

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Hope that you are doing well?
Whilst it is unlikely that you would get hit by anything whilst the WU is running/doing its thing...I would play safe and keep WRSA enabled/running. Plus I am not sure that, in terms of speed increase, turning WRSA off would increase the speed of the update enough to warrant taking the risk.
I would leave alone IMHO...but you could always do a test, i.e., download a sizable file with WRSA enable & then download it again with WRSA NOT enabled and see what the difference is. That should give yo an indication of the relative merits of each scenario, i.e., on or off.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick 
Greetings Baldrick and thanks for the reply. Hmmmm, hadnt thought of doing a test run. Ill give it a try. I also noticed that when I did a scan this morning my items that were scanned went from 6,259 items to 12,646.
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Yes, a test is always a good will at least give you an idea as to whether it is worth taking the risk of disabling WRSA.
As for the increase in scan items...I would not worry, I see that on my system from time to time, and especially after a major WU...WRSA is just doing its job...very well. ;)
Regards, Baldrick