Webroot disconnects my Synergy application

  • 18 July 2013
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Periodically Webroot triggers a UAC popup asking for Administrator approval. After I approve whatever Webroot is doing I find that Synergy has disconnected from my 2 other computers. The Synergy service is running but requires a stop/restart to reconnect my screens.
Is there a way to avoid this?

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8 replies

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Hi GranPaSmuft,
I use Synergy from my Windows 7 64-Bit machine to an iMac 10.8.4 and have no issues. I have searched our database for the latest version of Synergy and all files are whitelisted. What I suggest you do is elevate permissions from with Synergy on your server (host) where the mouse and keyboard are connected. To do so, right click on the tray icon and Show and make sure "Elevate" is selected and apply. From there, please see if Webroot is causing an issue. Picture below for reference:

Wow! a reply within minitues! Thanks.
My server and all clients are ticked to 'Elevate' and have been since I first encountered this issue. I can't tell it changes anything.
I also posted this in Webroot community forum.
I should have added that my server is Win 7 64 bit.but Synergy only works with 32 bit installation.
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It's no problem at all, there are loads of us here to help :)
Well the version I'm using right now is 1.4.12 and it's a 64-Bit build (it's beta but works perfectly) - perhaps you should convert to that one instead?
I completely uninstalled (Revo Uninstaller Pro) 32bit Synergy and downloaded the 64 bit Synergy and confugured the server. It is working right now. I will report after Webroot triggers.
BTW I first had this 64 bit installed but switched to 32 as troubleshooting step.
We will see.
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Good to know, thanks for posting to the community! 🙂
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Hello GranPaSmurf

After a couple of days running Synergy 64 bit, I conclude the sporadic disconnects are a lot less now and not related to Webroot scans or protection.
Sorry for taking up time and space on the Webroot community forum with an issue not related to Webroot.
BTW, I am pleased with the Webroot system. It is comforting to know it's there.
Thanks for the responses from the community.
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GranPaSmurt:  Glad that you have things a bit more sorted out!  No apologies needed, any time you have any questions or think there might be an issue, let us know.  There are a lot of good people in here willing to try to help.