Webroot Filtering Extension missing from Firefox

  • 24 September 2020
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Webroot Filtering Extension in Firefox 81.0 (32-bit) was missing from the toolbar.  Disabling this add-on and then re-enabling it restored function for that session, but it failed when starting a new Firefox session, every time.


Webroot Uninstall/reinstall (without using saved settings) did not fix this, so the problem must lie with the extension.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to remove/reinstall this as it is “managed by Webroot”.


I followed the Mozilla procedure for manually removing an add-on, because this add-on is managed by Webroot and cannot be removed from Firefox.  The steps are as follows -

  1. Use the menu Help/Troubleshooting Information to bring up a page of information about Firefox
  2. Look for “Profile Folder” on the L side, then click on “Open Folder”.
  3. Open the sub-folder named “extensions”.
  4. Find “webrootsecure@webroot.com.xpi” and delete it.
  5. Restart Firefox to verify the add-on is gone, not just disabled.

Then, I used this link to re-install the Webroot Filtering Extension - https://anywhere.webrootcloudav.com/wtsff/live/latest.xpi


Works now every time I start Firefox.

2 replies

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Sadly that is rather common with Webroot not opening in Firefox. I just tried your solution and it works so far for me. There’s a little step you missed in the directions. I tried deleting the extension and I had to disable it first before I could.

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I will make a note of that.  Perhaps Firefox was blocking deleting the file while the add-on was enabled, but the delete command was just what one would do in the Windows Explorer window which was opened.

I also read that a “Firefox refresh” will fix this, but that involves a little more work to put everything right again.

I was surprised that this complaint has a long history, going back many years.  One would think that Webroot could re-write it as a normal Mozilla add-on, which should allow a more straightforward remove/install way of forcing a clean installation.  Or fix the instability issues.