Webroot Internet Security (Not Internet Security Plus?)

  • 4 October 2017
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I recently bought a Dell laptop from Best Buy and got Webroot Internet Security (didnt say plus on the box) and was wondering if it was enough or if I needed an antivirus. Initially I had a trial of McAfee on it but I thought webroot was enough and I've heard webroot was faster. Was I wrong to have uninstalled it? Do I need an antivirus if I have Webroot Internet Security? 
All help is appreciated 

2 replies

Greetings raisku, I do believe that your particular version does in fact include antivirus. I have the same version and I am very happy with its performance. You made a great choice. You can go on Webroots website and see what exactly is included with the one you have if you have any other concerns.
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Thanks, @ :cathappy:
Greetings, @! All of our Subscriptions include AntiVirus. If you'd like, you can private message me your keycode and I can double check. Or if it says it's good for 3 subscriptions, you know you've got Security Plus :catwink: