Webroot removing browser login cookies without authorization

  • 17 October 2020
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A couple days ago, noticed that all of my login cookies for various websites where I had them set to “remember me” got wiped out.  I’m running Firefox 81.0.2 (64-bit) on Win7 Pro.  Up until a couple days ago, I could go months without having to log back in.  Now, I’m seeing that they’re getting cleared every time I close the browser...maybe even when it’s still open.  I’m running the same version of Firefox at work and don’t see this behavior, so it has to be Webroot.  Any ideas on how to resolve this?  Thanks.


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6 replies

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Hello @GumbyDammit 


I don’t think it’s Webroot because if you had System Optimizer it doesn’t list Firefox in the settings even though it shows in the Online Guide.


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You posted in the Internet-Security-Plus section and it doesn’t have System Optimizer unless you have a Subscription via Best Buy Geek Squad in the US?


Have a look at your Firefox settings to see if if there set correctly because I don’t see any issues with 81.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10:




I really do think it has to do with Firefox and not Webroot.



Hi @TripleHelix, thanks for replying!  In the Keycode tab, it specifies the product as “Internet Security Plus” version and you’re right, there is no “System Optimizer” in the Advanced Settings.

I thought it was Firefox because I use that at home and at work, and the version at work has been behaving as I would expect.  Looking deeper, I do see that FF released a new version on 13 October, but I swear this silliness started happening a day or two later.  It’s frustrating when things happen that you don’t really pay attention to and you find out days later that they could be what’s causing weirdness you’re seeing now, but since you can’t correlate events, you’re kinda screwed…

In the History section, I did see that all active logins were being cleared when FF was closed.

Going to see if unchecking it will make things work again…

Thanks for pointing me in a direction that hopefully isn’t a dead end!

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Here is some info:

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More here about your issue:

Ugh...that’s one of the things I hate about software updates - they typically change settings several layers deep that can significantly affect functionality.  The typical user doesn’t even know that functionality is there, let alone that it has changed, making their life troubleshooting the problem even more confusing.  I think it’s almost better if they change everything to a default.  At least that way you know they’ve messed with things and you have to go in and tweak them back.  Of course, it would be much better if they simply left the settings as they were.  But why do something as logical as that? :)

Thanks again for the added information.  It’s getting late (for me) and I’ll do more methodical testing tomorrow when I can (hopefully) think clearly!

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They had issues in the past: