What is the definition of " End of Life Notification "

  • 28 October 2018
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As the title indicates, will someone explain what  " Webroots End of Life Notification " means to its existing customers.

4 replies

"End-of-Life" means a product that Webroot has identified as being at the end of its useful life and for which product sales and support have been, or are being, discontinued;
Hi bjm, wow that's a lot of numbers and letters. Tell me, is the ongoing issue with Password Manager part of what Webroot is axing ? I also noticed that over at Amazon, Webroots sales has all but disappeared. For years upon years Ive always purchased a disc from them and now they hardly have anything for sale?
How about explaining to us computer illiterates of which I a one  what Webroot is abandoning and when they are going to abandon it. That would be great !!
Um, where did you see "End of Life Notification"?
Why do you think Webroot is axing Password Manager?
I don't use Amazon for Webroot nor use Webroot disc.  
Posted links speak to Product End-of-Life Policy.  
Regards w Respect
Hi bjm, at first I was unable to open the links you provided. Eventually I did and looked through the postings.
Much obliged,